24V to 1x8 Powered USB Cable For IBM 4610 Printer

Powered USB Cable 24V to 1x8
1. Cable Length: 1M to 3M
2. Color: Beige or Black or Others
Manufacturer in Shenzhen
High Quality
Powered USB Cable 10 ft 24V to 1x8
Item Description:
This 10ft 24V to 1x8 Powered USB Cable features one 24v Powered USB Connector as well as one 1x8 Pin Connector, providing a durable 10ft connection for Powered USB devices such as POS printers, etc.
Providing both USB data and USB device power through a single cable, Powered USB technology is emerging as the industry standard in a broad range of environments including retail POS, industrial, security and medical, based on true plug-and-play connectivity.
Our versatile line of powered USB cables offers the high quality design and construction needed to usher in a new generation of USB connectivity, providing superb grounding and protection for all components as well as protection against the normal wear and tear that can result from repeated insertions and removals.
The Advantage
--------Has a unique cable locking feature
--------Compatible with USB 1.1/2.0 standards and Powered USB peripheral devices

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IBM Powered USB cable

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